Creativity is a ferocity of consciousness, the making of a thing which has not been in the world before. Trickster cards give the spirited user access to the billions of ideas which haven't yet been expressed. Created by Steve Aylett, often called the "eleventh Beatle", it's a deck of 78 prompt cards that will help you to be...

Tidings be damned! These cardboard harbingers by the always problematic Steve Aylett will blast your face and flatten your colleagues. Kaleidoscopic lion's maw or box of endless satisfaction? May you meet your fears with lidded eyes and a pet leopard. In fact we're so confident you'll love our product, it's like we're all drunk.

Hyperthick 3


The third and final issue sees 'Ted' strike back, Su Pesto on the run, Fox Grave on the run, and Blake's precision-tooled justice.



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To pre-order HYPERTHICK issue 1 give your comic shop the item code APR211711 and a grim laugh.

The first issue of Steve Aylett's HYPERTHICK - a comic in 3 issues - is out July 2021 from Floating World Comics. "With Hyperthick, Steve Aylett has blundered like a confused and angry bear into a new dimension of poetic genius." - Alan Moore, author of Jerusalem and Voice of the Fire