Hyperthick 2


"a new dimension of poetic genius" - Alan Moore 

"It's astonishing - like being riot-hosed with language, ideas and imagery!" - Grant Morrison

Issue 2 of HYPERTHICK out mid-October 2021

Lost in steam? Head denting like a bag? Toughest hombre since records began? Here's a fab new rectangle from Steve Aylett, the man described by Mark Millar as "Leave me alone." You'll have a field day with this shredding medley of flaming errors and murky diatribes. Become exhausted at your own pace. Wasting time has never been so easy. Oh and those bubbles you're using for eyes - keep a record. They'll pop. 

Issue 2 out mid-October 2021 from Floating World

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Forbidden Planet - https://forbiddenplanet.com/333654-hyperthick-2/

Floating World - https://floatingworldcomics.com/shop/comic-books/hyperthick-2