Johnny Viable comic


Are you burly? Purple? A lamprey? All are welcome in the Viable world!

That's right kids! We understand your fab new generation! It's a young thing! A different thing! Hey it'll probably kill you! It'll smash you open man! Or mangle your stupid legs! Look out! Look out god dammit! 

"two of my all-time favourite comics are Aylett's Johnny Viable and his Terse Friends and The Caterer,... I could never claim to approach the perfect poise and relentless originality of his wordplay" - Grant Morrison 

Side effects may include: burny aura; saying the word "pigman" over and over with escalating volume while stamping forward; describing your forehead as a "festival favorite"; looking at the wrong person when speaking; lurching; comprehending; miming; pulling up in a muscle car oddly armored like the head of a coelacanth, The views expressed do not reflect those of Floating World or its subsidiaries or partner companies. No obligation or duty of care is accepted by Floating World or its subsidiaries or partner companies.