A short story collection. It includes the prophetic 'Gigantic' and the much-requested 'If Armstrong Was Interesting'. A few of the stories are set in Beerlight city, including 'The Siri Gun', the first appearance of Taffy Atom, and 'Shifa' about the bombing of the Al-Shifa iodine dispensary in the Sudan. There's also 'Tusk' for the delectation of plushophiles. Mostly satire, with a few lighter pieces like the Wodehouse parodies 'Dread Honour' and 'Ballroom'. Join Henry Blince as he cracks the waffle code, be honest with Terry Tantamount and crash with the rightfully angry Passenger.

"a potent, poisonous, post-cyberpunk cocktail of ultraviolence and outrage with a splash of Burroughs, a dash of Ballard, and a twist of Dick. ... the ideas are clever, the anger is justified, the prose is imaginative, and the dialogue is sharp." -

"a mindbursting overload of sensation" - January Magazine

"an excellent sampler of Aylett's terse literary style, bracingly keen satirical wit and and disconcertingly brilliant revisions of genre conventions ... Here's condensed prose of narcotic intensity." - Starburst Magazine

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