SMITHEREENS collects 19 stories including 'The Man Whose Head Expanded', the prophetic 'Download Syndrome', 'The Burnished Adventures of Injury Mouse', the full text of 'Voyage of the Iguana', the last ever Beerlight story 'Specter's Way', 'Horoscope', and the closest thing Aylett has ever written to a traditional SF story, 'Bossanova' (featuring a robot and two spaceships!) There are also animal-attack-while-writing reminiscences in 'Evernemesi' and top-of-the-line declarative bitterness in 'On Reading New Books'.
Steve Aylett has been described as "utterly original" (SFX), "the most original voice in the literary scene" (Michael Moorcock), "an unstoppable master of space and time" (Asimov's) and "the coolest writer alive today" (Starburst).

"a phenomenal talent." - Trashotron

"Aylett has made a career out of redefining the boundaries of science fiction - and sanity." - Barnes & Noble Spotlight Feature 

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