Rebel at the End of Time

An adventure in Michael Moorcock's 'End of Time' universe 

21st-century revolutionary Leo finds himself at the End of Time, surrounded by decadent sorcerers whose childlike incomprehension is his worst nightmare. How to be effective when consequence is removed? What can have meaning when everything is transformed into fashion? Can love exist here? Leo storms through this lurid land in search of meaning, a cause, and a meal he can recognise.

" the most original voice in the literary scene" - Michael Moorcock

"one of the most exciting and innovative creators to emerge in years." - Alan Moore

"the sheer exuberance and inventiveness that can take a sentence, twist it through an unfathomable angle, and layer on meanings and associations that enrich the text. There's a real sense of Aylett's joy in playing with words, a sense of fun that is still mingled with acute observation." - Concatenation 

Steve Aylett has been described as "utterly original" (SFX), "an unstoppable master of space and time " (Asimov 's) and " the coolest writer alive today " (Starburst).

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