Lint the Movie

Starring Alan Moore, Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Steve Aylett, Robin Ince, Jeff Vandermeer, D Harlan Wilson, Andrew O'Neill, Vessel (David Devant), Bill Ectric and others, LINT THE MOVIE documents the life and work of cult SF author and philosopher Jeff Lint, creator of some of the strangest and most inconvenient works of the 20th century.

Featuring clips from Lint's books, cartoons, music, comics and films, the movie follows Lint's life from the days of vintage pulp, psychedelia and his disastrous scripts for Star Trek and Patton.

Newly discovered archive footage and recordings of Lint himself, and commentary by those who knew and read him, results in a compelling portrait of the creator of Clowns and Insects, Jelly Result, The Stupid Conversation, the Caterer comic, and Catty and the Major, the scariest kids' cartoon ever aired. Based on Aylett's books LINT and And Your Point Is? 


CAST: Alan Moore, Steve Aylett, Josie Long, Stewart Lee, Robin Ince, Jeff Vandermeer, DH Wilson, Vessel, Mitzi Szereto, Mo Ali, Leila Johnston, 7-Inch Stitch, Victoria F Gaitan, Andrew O'Neill, Tamsyn Payne, Jess, Tilusha, Spencer Pate, Lord Caul Pin.


Steve Aylett - Director, Script Editor, Animation, 1st Camera.

Electric Children/Dean Verheyen - Editing, Effects.

Martin Roberts - 2nd Camera