"a new dimension of poetic genius" - Alan Moore

"It's astonishing - like being riot-hosed with language, ideas and imagery!" - Grant Morrison

Beyond mighty? Failing thru a funnel? Accompanied everywhere by a burning skull only you can see? Here's a fab new rectangle from Steve Aylett, the man described by Neil Gaiman as "Away. Go away." You'll have a field day with this shredding medley of flaming errors and murky diatribes. Become exhausted at your own pace. Wasting time has never been so easy. Anyway it'll do until the night your skin deserts you.

Out Feb 2022. 

"In Hyperthick, Aylett re-establishes himself as a master satirist and one of the most unique, innovative voices in the literary world." - D Harlan Wilson

"Aylett is a master at the juxtaposition of unusual concepts, words, and images." - The Comics Journal

"Holy shit! The Gravity's Rainbow of comics! We love it!" - The Lovely Eggs


Hyperthick Collected Edition