HYPERTHICK Collected Edition

HYPERTHICK Collected Edition 

"a new dimension of poetic genius" - Alan Moore

With Aylett's surreal satire at full blast, HYPERTHICK collects the 3-issue comic series following Benny the Hen, Su Pesto, Biloxi Blake and Fox Grave as they lurch from one fulfilling fiasco to another. Wall-to-wall trickster figures face off in a lateral drench of comedic honesty. What is the Memphis Conjecture? Are owls to blame? Where do characters go when they run out of bends to go around? Lucid dream or psychedelic stoicism? Ignite your chemistry and discover the heart of the spiral narrative. In Clownsurround!

Plus several pages of bonus material.

"It's astonishing - like being riot-hosed with language, ideas and imagery! Makes everything else feel like vague drifting aerosol..." - Grant Morrison

"A work of pure satire and wackiness, Hyperthick is fresh and bold." - Comics Bookcase

"Holy shit! The Gravity's Rainbow of comics! We love it!" - The Lovely Eggs

"One of my favorite things in all of literature." - Aug Stone, The Comics Journal

"In Hyperthick, Aylett re-establishes himself as a master satirist and one of the most unique, innovative voices in the literary world." - D Harlan Wilson

112 pages plus covers



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