The Crime Studio

Aylett's first book and the first set in Beerlight, the town where crime is the only artform.

Meet gun sucker Bleach Pastiche, burglar extraordinaire Billy Panacea, molecule thief Jesse Downtime, conman-cum-lawyer Harpoon Specter, and Brute Parker, owner of the all-night gun shop. The Delayed Reaction Bar, case-law as neurosis, world-class lethargy, Specter's early career, the glamour of surveillance, Blince's doughnut theory, Leon Wardial, quantifiable bad luck, gun fetishism, Stressworld, Auto-Rhino - all these glories of Beerlight's early years are laid out in The Crime Studio.

"Comicbook imagery mingles with a noiriste's worst nightmare in this distressingly brilliant debut." - The Guardian

"Aylett writes like a man possessed of comic demons." - The Standard

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