Shaman or shamus? Or some other stupid thing? Atom is the detective who harasses anyone who comes near him, in the third full Beerlight novel.

Blince, Benny and all those morons wonder what the hell he's doing. Everyone does a Maltese Falcon parody at some time, this is Aylett's. Bugs, brain-stealing and inevitable thermonuclear disaster are given due consideration in this close-wired novel. There's no such thing as a normal angel - it's never done that way.

"As on the button as tomorrow's news. This is toon-noir. He has a cold, accurate eye, a mocking wit and black, playful angle of attack which has learned something from cyberpunk but has that smack of idiosyncracy, that sense of exploring new territories, that laconic, confident humour which tells you this is exactly the book you've been waiting for." - Michael Moorcock

"a jaw-droppingly dark and funny work" - The Guardian

"If Raymond Chandler had gulped a handful of hallucinogens before sitting down to write a whodunit, something like Atom would likely have resulted" - Washington Post

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