And Your Point Is?

AND YOUR POINT IS?  Scorn and Meaning in Jeff Lint's Fiction
edited by Steve Aylett
"Lint created a text that was unsettling only to those who are unaware enough to be 'settled' in the midst of the world's nightmare..."

This follow-up to LINT, the biography of cult author Jeff Lint, delves deeper into the psychosis of the seminal writer's work. This series of essays and reviews from around the globe, representing decades of study, is being presented for the first time in collected form. A must have for collectors, students, imitators, and stalkers alike. "Satire has no effect - a mirror holds no fear for those with no shame."  Contributors include Steve Aylett, Eileen Welsome, Arkhipov Halt, Daniel Guyal, Chris Diana, Alfred Bork, Michael H. Hersh, George Cane, Dennis Ofstein, and Jean-Marie Guerin.

"Steve Aylett is a perceptual god. His literary criticism has informed countless fields of study and single-handedly redefined the nature of academic thought and praxis. With this collection devoted to the work of author Jeff Lint, Aylett achieves Olympian heights, urging us to read the human condition anew. A diagnostic apocalypse, And Your Point Is? should be the polestar of every intelligent reader's library." - D. Harlan Wilson, author of Pseudo-City and Stranger on the Loose

"A collection of outlandish critifictional forays written by madmen into the work of an equally mad SF cult author--who doesn't happen to exist. Yet nobody's madder than the collection's 'editor,' Steve Aylett. Every sentence here is an electric shock, every paragraph a feverdream novel in dense satiric miniature that you wish to hell you had thought of first."
-Lance Olsen, author of 10:01 and Nietzsche's Kisses

"Borrowing a trick from Jorge Luis Borges and Stanislaw Lem, Steve Aylett in And Your Point Is? anthologises fictional reviews of nonexistent books by, in this case, his imaginary alter ego, Jeff Lint. As fans of Aylett's earlier fake biography, LINT, already know, Jeff Lint is a hardcore pulp SF writer whose poetic genius is forever misunderstood by a society trading in structural hypocrisy. In this caustic bibliographic follow-up, Aylett demonstrates once again that he is a master of the philosophical one-liner, packing whole universes of despair into a single comedic sentence." - Steve Beard, author of Meat Puppet Cabaret and Digital Leatherette

AND YOUR POINT IS? includes sixteen essays/articles:
1. Introduction
2. 'Rise of the Swans': Doing Bird With Jeff Lint
3. Review of I Am a Centrifuge
4. Redemption and ordeal in Jeff Lint's 'Broadway Crematoria'
5. Give, Take and Take: An examination of Jeff Lint's 'The Crystalline Associate'
6. Inconvenience From Outer Space
7. The Lintian Waiter in 'Tectonic'
8. Stress and Spillover in Three Lint Plays
9. 'Deep Vanishing' in Jeff Lint's Science Fiction
10. 'The Retrial'
11. Jeff Lint's 'Snail Camp'
12. 'The Horizon Through the Buttonhole'
13. Sadly Disappointed
14. Stating it Plain in The Riding on Luggage Show
15. Belligerently naked in Jeff Lint's 'The Retrial'
16. Lint's Intent

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