Be careful which public enemy you invent - it may begin to exist.

And Mayor Rudloe has invented Cyril, an agitator who advises the people to ‘dash across the graveyard with a surfboard’. As a result we get to meet the Conglomerate, Rod Jayrod and the demon Kermit, who has spent months trapped in a drain.

Gregor is brainwashed by the cannon sect - but does he have enough brain matter to hold the creed? He also becomes carnally obsessed with a statue, while Barny Juno has become so desperate to impress Chloe Low that he goes to the shaman Beltane Carom for advice. The demonic insect king Sweeney sends the rookie demon Skittermite to aggravate Juno unto death.

Mayor Rudloe attempts once again to interest the voters in his chin.

Accomplice is a casual fairy tale, a tropic of slack jawed nutters where angel refineries stand like gravestones and rotten hearts are piled in the sabotage yard.

"When someone tells you life’s a dream, you can bet they’re about to inconvenience you very badly."
The Velocity Gospel

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The Accomplice Series:

Only an Alligator
Velocity Gospel
Karloff's Circus