The more obvious embedded text refs in the four Accomplice books
Ada, Enchantress of Numbers - Betty Alexandra Toole
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension (movie 1984)
After London, Wild England - Richard Jefferies
Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll
Alice’s Adventures Underground - Lewis Carroll
Angel Passage - Alan Moore & Tim Perkins
Anyhow Stories - Lucy Lane Clifford
The Assassins - PB Shelley
Barry and the boys: the CIA, the Mob and America’s Secret History - Daniel Hopsicker
Bata Motel - Crass
BCBG - Campag Velocet
The Big Huge - Incredible String Band
Bigot Hall - Steve Aylett
The Brothers Quay
Bummed - Happy Mondays
Candide - Voltaire
Captain Seb’s Log - Steve Aylett
Century Flower - Shelleyan Orphan
Code Making and Code Breaking - Jack Luger
Dark Alliance - Gary Webb
The Darkening Ecliptic - Ern Malley
Drink Me - Salad
Doc at the Radar Station - Captain Beefheart
The Engineering of Consent’ - Edward Bernays
Europe After the Rain - Max Ernst
Eye of Silence - Max Ernst
Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building, April 19, 1995 - the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee
Fire Walk With Me (movie 1992)
For the Birds - Suede
Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
Freaks (movie, 1932)
Glimpses of the Future - DG Croley
The Great Beatles Death Clues - R Gary Patterson
Guy Debord, Revolutionary - Len Bracken
The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter - Incredible String Band
Head (movie 1969)
Head Over Heels - the Cocteau Twins
Heiland - Franklin Sanders
Helleborine - Shelleyan Orphan
Hex Enduction Hour - The Fall
The Holy Bible - Manic Street Preachers
The Hoople - Mott the Hoople
House Tornado - The Throwing Muses
How to Lie With Maps - Mark Monmonier
Ice Cream For Crow - Captain Beefheart
The Idiot - Fyodor Dostoevsky
The Idiot - Iggy Pop
Inferno - Dante
The Inflatable Volunteer - Steve Aylett
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (movie 1956)
Isn’t Anything - My Bloody Valentine
Jerusalem - William Blake
John Wesley Harding - Bob Dylan
Killing Hope - William Blum
Laurel and Hardy
Liquid Acrobat as Regards the Air - Incredible String Band
The Little Flowers of Saint Francis - Brother Ugolino
Loveless - My Bloody Valentine
The Madcap Laughs - Syd Barrett
The Man With the Vegetable Head - Serge Gainsbourg
The Marshall Suite - The Fall
The Mask of Anarchy - PB Shelley
McCarthy trial transcripts 1953
Memo Ltnt Cmnd Arthur H McCollum to office of FDR, Oct 7, 1940 (8-point plan)
Milk & Kisses - Cocteau Twins
Miss America - Mary Margaret O’Hara
Munki - Jesus and Mary Chain
Napoleon in the Desert - Max Ernst
The Nerve (comic) - Steve Aylett
Opel - Syd Barrett
Our Town - Thornton Wilder
Out of the Shadows - David Clarke & Andy Roberts
Outsider Art - Colin Rhodes
Performance (movie, 1970)
Phaedra’s Love - Sarah Kane
The Prisoner
Propaganda - Edward Bernays
The Purple Cloud - MP Shiel
Rebuilding America's Defenses - A Report of The Project for the New American Century, September 2000
Report from Iron Mountain
Sally’s Song - Danny Elfman
Sgt Pepper - The Beatles
The Second Coming’ - William Butler Yeats
Selected Poems - Rabindranath Tagore
Shamanspace - Steve Aylett
Shiney on the Inside lp - David Devant & His Spirit Wife
Sing to God - Cardiacs
604 - Ladytron
Still - Joy Division
Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 21st Century - Edward L. Morse & Amy Myers Jaffe
The Street of Crocodiles - Bruno Schultz
Struwwelpeter - Heinrich Hoffmann
Suede - Suede
The Tempest - William Shakespeare
The Testament - Francois Villon
Thunder, Perfect Mind
The Time Machine - HG Wells
Time of No Reply lp - Nick Drake
To Kill a Mockingbird (movie 1962)
Touch of Evil (movie 1958)
Ulysses - James Joyce
The Unabomber Manifesto - FC
Under Milk Wood - Dylan Thomas
An Unfinished Communication - CH Hinton
Vaimanika Sastra - Bharadwaj the Wise
The Vigil (the sea) - Jane Siberry
Vision for 2020 - US Space Command
The Voynich Manuscript
The Wasteland - TS Eliot
We - Yevgeny Zamyatin
Whirlpool - Chapterhouse
Zastrozzi - PB Shelley