As an episode of Accomplice history comes to a close, the Circus of the Heart’s Shell transforms the town square into a venue for hellish clowning. Sweeney’s forces close in upon Barny from several directions. But is Dietrich right that humanity is more routinely evil than any mythical fright? Will Fang be re-united with his zombie family? What does doomed Eddie Gallo find outside Accomplice? Will Gregor survive a boxing match with a slob demon? Violaine’s prophecy comes to pass. The troops do something useful. Two living Steinway Spiders attack. Rudloe confronts the Conglomerate with his cowardice. The Rosetta Stone of the four books.

“Any rate of resentment lags behind the situation.”
Karloff's Circus

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The Accomplice Series:

Only an Alligator
Velocity Gospel
Karloff's Circus

"By the time you’ve been judged guilty, you’ve learnt enough about the system to take the moral sting out of it."
Karloff's Circus

CD - Staring Is Its Own Reward