Scary doll action is the order of the day as Maquette escapes from the Church of Automata. Will she go around biting holes in people’s cheeks or is she just an innocent replica? Meanwhile the shrike demon Rakeman is sent above to wrench Barny into hell - will Barny be aided by the shifted alliances of Dietrich and the benign manipulations of the Beltane/Prancer personality meld? What’s wrong with Mike Abblatia’s back? Will Barny survive a visit to the barber? And what will be the outcome of Gregor’s court appearance for sexual molestation of a public monument? Will Max Gaffer measure up as legal advisor to the devil? These and the secrets of the drylord judge, nap chickens and quadraface harpies are among the glories loaded into your slack face by this third volume of the Accomplice series.

Hell is the fifth season. It operates behind the other four. Look."
Dummyland, Aylett

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The Accomplice Series:

Only an Alligator
Velocity Gospel
Karloff's Circus

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