Barny annoys the casual demons of Cold Hell and everyone else in the first part of this high-res puzzle-box.

A town which makes even you seem normal, Accomplice is a languid semi-tropical republic which roofs a world of conspiring demons. The simple Barny, friend to chimps and lions, becomes the nemesis of a king demon and must tirelessly ignore the hordes of hell with the help of his friends and mortal enemies. Feud mcguffin underway, the path is clear for shamanic practice and political satire so deeply embedded that nobody will dig it out until it's too late.

Is Barny actually any threat to anyone? Will the chefs turn everything to pasta? Where does all the blood go? What happened to Dumbar’s head? Is the moral fibre fake? What’s the secret of the Church of Automata? Who is Prancer Diego? What’s in Hunt’s chest? Who will clear away the floor lobsters?

A polychrome soap, a holographic puzzle, a philosophical trip, corrosive relief from the blandness of the times, the Accomplice books are above all an excuse to just hang around there.

"When a monster passes, we take it for another whose favourable opinion we must seek."
Only an Alligator

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a hugely impressive example of outrageous literary wit and uncommon good sense, demonstrating once more that Aylett is the coolest writer alive today
Starburst Magazine

Accomplice is a non-stop assault of gags, ouright sick moments and sharp observations on human foibles. Bizarre and brilliant.
Dreamwatch Magazine

If Aylett isn’t on drugs, then his mind must be either fantastically psychedelic or scarily unhinged ... The Terry Southern/Philip K Dick/Tom Wolfe pile-up of hallucinogenic plotting and gonzo beatnik writing style of his previous novels might provide some advance warning, but in his latest Aylett goes the whole hog ...
The Scotsman

It reads like a latter-day Alice in Wonderland, or perhaps a novelization of a long-lost Monty Python screenplay. Aylett pulls out all the stops for this one ...

For those looking for wilder, intense entertainments - and those who, like some of the characters, have their brains outside their skulls - a visit to Accomplice might be just the thing.
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The Accomplice Series:
Only an Alligator
Velocity Gospel
Karloff's Circus

CD - Staring Is Its Own Reward

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